ARA FIRST STEP HOME, 1035 Haight Street, San Francisco, California 94117-3108 (415) 863-3661






1.     ARA First Step Home is a residential care home licensed by the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.  We provide a homelike atmosphere and activities for our residents.  We do not discriminate regarding race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry in our admission policy or in services offered to residents.


2.     Accommodations are based on seniority in the Home.  For the stipulated weekly rate of $120.00 Dormitory / $175.00 Double Room / $205.00 Single Room, ARA will provide:


(1)        Lodging                                                (6)        Rap sessions

(2)        Three nutritious meals daily                    (7)        Recreational activities

(3)        Linen                                                    (8)        Educational sessions on alcohol & related activities

(4)        Supportive care                                     (9)        Assistance with plan of recovery

(5)        Employment and training referrals          (10)       Clothing when available


3.     The rate set forth above is due in advance on Monday of each week.


4.     The Home is not licensed for and will not provide nursing care.


5.     The Home shall have the right to ask a resident to leave for violation of rules or policies.  Reimbursement for unused prepaid fees will be made within two (2) weeks of the resident leaving the home, regardless of the reason for leaving.


6.     Withholding information regarding medical, legal or substance abuse history will be grounds for dismissal


7.     If rates are increased, the resident will be given at least thirty (30) days notice of the change.


8.     The Home will not be responsible for any money, valuables or personal effects brought into the Home.


9.     In return, residents will:


(a)           Pay the stipulated weekly rate in advance for the above-listed services as soon as possible.

(b)           Cooperate with the general policies of the Home which make it possible residents to live together.

(c)           Not bring medications into the Home without the knowledge of the Director.

(d)           Not be destructive of the property of the Home or other guest.

(e)           Provide notice of intent to move from the Home.

(f)            Will agree to follow the rules and regulations of the Home as explained.

(g)           Will attend at least three (3) A.A. meetings weekly.

(h)     Pay the stipulated rate for Internet by the 1st of the month (no pro-rates and no refunds)


10.  Recognizing that cross-addiction is the rule rather than the exception, residents will be requested, at random, to submit to urinalysis or blood test or both.  Failure to comply will result in a request to leave the house.





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